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Spinifex support
Spinifex support pages
Spinifex downloads for Sheevaplug and DreamPlug
CuBox Links
CuBox Developer Platform wiki pages
CuBox Development Platform Forum
CuBox Video
Linux Kernel
Sheeva with Linux Pre-built kernels
plugapps with Linux
Compiling Linux Kernel for the Plug Computer - PlugWiki
Building a custom kernel - ComputingPlugs
Mark's Blog cross-compiling for the SheevaPlug (kernel, distcc)
How do I install CodeSourcery's versions of the run-time libraries on my target system?
GNU Toolchain for ARM Processors
10 boot time parameters you should know about the Linux kernel
Plugcompter home page
SheevaPlug Downloads
Additional documentation download
New plugger How to
Frequently asked questions
GuruPlug - PlugWiki
Plug Computer
Installing Debian on Plugcomputers
Installing Debian on the Sheevaplug
Embedded Debtoolchainsian -- Cross-development
ReadonlyRoot - Debian Wiki
Tips for running Linux on a flash device
GuruPlug Debian
Documentation U-Boot DENX
UBoot env. for Ubuntu
Upgrading u-boot on SheevaPlug
GuruPlug Debian
uBoot binary for the Sheevaplug (uboot.bin 3.4.27+pingtoo patch)
NewIT getting started instructions.
VOIP phone system on a SheevaPlug
How to Convert a SheevaPlug from JFFS2 to UBI/UBIFS via USB (and upgrade U-Boot in the process) - nitrogen's posterous
3G router with SheevaPlug | Linux
Computing plugs - home

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All prices include Australian GST. GST will be deducted if shipping to an overseas address
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