The SheevaPlug is a new kind of computer - a "plug computer". The entire computer is contained within the "plug", as well as a Gigabit ethernet socket, SDHC socket and USB socket. It shipped with Linux as the operating system. The SheevaPlug is typically used for server applications such as: File servers, Web Servers, Print Servers, camera control, collecting data from barcode scanners, network sensor monitoring (e.g. security, temperature). It also used as platform for distribution of applications. In addition to the large pool of free software available for the Sheevaplug a number of commercial applications are available.
SheevaPlugs are high performance, low power consumption, low cost and ideally suited to "always on" applications.

You can buy SheevaPlugs (for Australia and New Zealand) from the Spinifex Computing shop.

Documentation and Software

Support software and documentation is freely available electronically from Plug Computing resources. We have replicated some of the more commonly used Plug Computing components at the Spinifex shop and at our old download location. In addition Spinifex provides some additional downloads for the SheevaPlug.

SheevaPlug questions

What can I use it for?
The SheevaPlug doesn't have a socket for video output. The key way of interacting with the plug is over a network, using the built-in ethernet socket. So think about the kinds of software that run remotely, over a network: a File server, a web server, or device monitoring and data collection. For example, we use sheevaplugs as wireless access points.
What kind of software is provided on the SheevaPlug?
The original plug is supplied with Ubuntu 9.04. The processor is an ARM Marvell Kirkwood 88F6281, which means that neither Intel nor AMD application packages are suitable. Software packages must be compiled for the processor, unless they use interpreted / compiled languages such as Perl, Python and PHP. You can use apt-get to download and install packages (in fact, one of the the first things we recommend is that you use apt-get to download and install upgrades to the operating system).
You can install a number of other operating systems on the SheevaPlug. Spinifex also provide Sheevaplugs with Debian (Squeeze or Wheezy) as the operating system with a multiboot system that allows you to boot from either SD card or the SheevaPlug flash memory.

Getting started